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System Access:

Please Agree to the T&Cs Below for us to create a physician access account.



In order for you to use the system owned and operated by DNA Solutions Australia Pty Ltd. , you must read and accept this agreement, initial each page and sign at the end of this agreement.




I/We accept full responsibility for the security and protection of identification and password codes, including (without limitation) the unique Patient Identification Number (“Patient ID”) issued to me/us for access to the DNA Solutions Group’s Information Systems. In order to protect the confidentiality of the information to which I am/we are now a party and to protect the privacy of the patient information to which we have access, I/we agree and acknowledge that:




1.      The  IT  and  computing  facilities  of  DNA Solutions Australia are  only  to  be used for:-

a.   authorised and lawful purposes; and

b.   in  connection  with  and  in  support  of  the  approval  and  authorized activities of the Practice / Hospital / Organization.


2.     I/we will not access or use information in the computer system which is not required within my/our day-to-day responsibilities and in the duties of patient care and treatment. I/we understand and acknowledge that, browsing through patient records or accessing records that are not required as part of my/our duty, is strictly prohibited pursuant to privacy legislation, patient privacy rules and compliance with work place confidentiality laws.


3.     The Patient ID and the personal identification and password code that is assigned to me/us are solely to facilitate patient care and treatment.   These codes and numbers must  not  be  shared  with  anyone  else.  I/we  will  take  all  precautions  necessary  to protect  the  privileges  assigned  to  me/us.  If  I/we  have  any  reason  to  believe  that another person is aware of my/our personal identification and password code or a Patient ID, I/we must immediately notify DNA Solutions IT Support via telephone on 1300306191 to change it.


4.     I/we  must  not  at  any  time  access  (or  attempt  to  access),  alter,  transfer  or  copy information in the computer system by using another user or group identification code other than my / our own.  I/we must not alter or delete information in the computer system. I/we must not use a Patient ID that I am/we are not authorized to use.


5.      I/we  must  not  permit  another  person  to  access,  alter,  transfer,  copy  or  delete information in the computer system under my/our personal identification code, after I/we have logged on to the system or at any other time.


6.     It is my/our responsibility at all times, to logout of the system when my/our work is complete or when I/we leave the workstation.   The system must not be allowed to remain open for access by unauthorised persons at any time.


7.     It is my/our responsibility to immediately report any incidents or suspected incidents of improper, unauthorised or illegal activity concerning the use of the Patient Information System.    Without  limiting  the  generality of  this obligation,  I/we must  immediately report to DNA Solutions IT Support :

(a)          any access to or use of patient information that is not in accordance with approved and authorised functions and obligations of the Hospital/Practice;

(b)         the departure of any authorised person/user from the Practice or group, so as to enable the access code to be cancelled and a new one issued;

(c)         the admission to the Practice or group of any new user requiring access to the

Patient Information System;

(d)        the disclosure by any means, accidental or otherwise, of a Patient ID to any unauthorized person or to any person who is not bound by this agreement, so that the Patient ID may be cancelled and a new one issued.


8.     I/We agree and acknowledge it is my/our responsibility to respect patient privacy and to protect at all times the confidentiality of information to which I/we have access.


9.      I/We understand that access to this system is at no charge.  DNA Solutions and the Associated Groups are not responsible for any costs incurred by the user,

or   for   costs   associated   with   the   user’s   own   internet   connection   including bandwidth (uploads and downloads).


10.  I/We will at all times act in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) (as amended) including the National Privacy Principles and the Australian Privacy Principles contained therein.  Without limiting the generality of this essential obligation:

a.       I/we must not, without the informed consent of the patient:

    use or disclose personal information other than for the primary purpose for which it is made available;

       allow personal information to leave Australia; and

b.      I/we must take all reasonable steps to ensure that:

    personal information collected, used or disclosed is accurate, current, complete and relevant;

    personal information is protected from misuse, interference, loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure; and

    personal information is destroyed when it is no longer required for any authorised purpose;  and

c.        I/we declare and certify that at all relevant times I/we have obtained (where it is possible to do so) the informed consent of the patient to access and use the patient’s personal medical information and history.


11.  I/we may access patient information, images and studies even if I am/we are not the patient’s referring physician by using the Break-Glass facility of DNA Solutions PACS system. If I/we Break-Glass and use a Patient ID to gain access to that patient’s information and records, I/we certify that :

a.       I/we accept and will comply with the Break-Glass Confidentiality Agreement,



which is an on-screen essential obligation for using the Break-Glass facility;


I am/we are treating the patient whose information and records I/we access;



I  am/we  are  aware  that  access  to  patient  information  and  records  is

monitored by DNA Solutions systems administrator.


12.  I/We will indemnify and keep indemnified DNA Solutions Australia Pty Ltd, the Scanaptics associated

Groups and any of their related and associated entities from all and any loss or

damage, including legal costs, that they or any of them sustain at any time as a result, direct or otherwise, of a breach by me/us of the confidentiality and privacy provisions of this Agreement.


13.  DNA Solutions Australia Pty Ltd and the DNA associated  Groups reserve the right, in their absolute  and  unfettered  discretion,  to  deny  access  to  their  systems  and  stored information at any time without prior notice.  Normally they would only do so if they believed, on reasonable grounds, that the confidentiality, privacy and security of stored information may be compromised, or that information was used or may be used for an unlawful or unauthorized purpose.



I/We, the undersigned, agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

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